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Weather-Related Car Accidents: Causes and Culpability

Most people understand that, in multiple-vehicle accidents, at least one driver is always at-fault for the accident and can be held liable for damages.

But, what happens when an accident was largely caused by poor weather conditions? Learn who may be liable in this situation.

Who’s Responsible for a Weather-Related Car Accident?

Poor weather conditions contribute to millions of car accidents every year. In fact, weather is a contributing factor in 22% of annual crashes in the United States. So, is someone always liable in this situation?

The short answer is yes. When determining liability, it does not matter much what the weather conditions were if one or more of the motorists involved in the accident are proven to have driven negligently. For example, were one or more of the drivers…

  • Driving over the speed limit?
  • Driving too close to other vehicles?
  • Violating another driver’s right of way?
  • Taking any action to avoid the accident?

If it can be determined that one or more of the drivers were operating their vehicles negligently, they will likely be held liable for the accident and any resulting damages. This is because, despite poor weather conditions, it is almost always possible to avoid an accident when motorists drive safely and obey all traffic laws.

Roads and freeways are designed to be driven on safely when wet and, in this regard, it can often be determined that one driver’s recklessness caused an accident that occurred in bad weather.

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