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What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Whenever you suffer a severe injury, the possibility of experiencing long-term pain is a real concern. Unfortunately, you may suffer from a condition known as complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS. This condition can cause you to experience pain for more than six months after the initial injury occurs.

If you suffer from complex regional pain syndrome, you should recognize what the potential causes are, as this can impact your ability to file a lawsuit. Below, we’ll explain some of the causes of CRPS and what treatment options are available, as well as your legal rights.

Causes of CRPS

Doctors are unsure of the exact cause of CRPS as some individuals who suffer trauma will endure the condition, while others with similar injuries do not develop it. However, some common triggers can cause the condition to arise long after the injury occurs.

Some of the common triggers include:

  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Burns, cuts, or bruises
  • Surgery
  • Sprains

You may experience complex regional pain syndrome after being in a cast that immobilizes your limb. Other medical procedures can trigger the onset of the condition, as well.

CRPS Treatment

In many cases, the doctor will refer you to go through physical therapy to help recover from the condition. Physical therapy and exercise can help with your strength, limb function, and flexibility. Occupational therapy may also help if you need to learn new ways to perform some of your regular tasks.

Therapy may also include medications, such as specific anti-inflammatory prescriptions that help limit the pain you experience. Other medications can help with minimizing pain and swelling, as well as isolated relief.

Treatment can become expensive, and you may be unable to work in the same capacity you once did. Our San Jose personal injury lawyers at Caputo & Van Der Walde will work to protect your rights. We’ll pursue the compensation you need to cover the expenses associated with this condition and give you peace of mind.