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The reason many people purchase SUV’s is not only because they need the extra room. They do so because they are under the impression that an SUV provides a greater degree of security than other passenger vehicles. In some instances, that is correct. The size of the SUV, as well as its construction, makes it less likely to suffer severe injury should it be involved in a traffic collision. However, should you be involved in a traffic collision which causes the SUV to rollover, the risk of serious injury is increased.

What contributes to the increase in rollover risk is that SUV’s have a higher center of gravity. What that means is that should the SUV be struck in such a way as to cause it to sway to one side, the risk of rolling over is heightened. The extra weight of an SUV also contributes to this risk. With the added weight of the passengers and equipment which may be hauled by the SUV, the weight inside it is not evenly distributed. Depending on how and where the impact to the SUV is suffered, the vehicle’s uneven weight distribution may cause it to tip to one side or other during an accident.

Consequently, the other driver may not be the only one liable for damages and injuries sustained in an SUV accident. The manufacturer of the SUV may likewise be liable. Should you have questions regarding injuries sustained in an SUV accident, the experienced San Jose SUV rollover attorneys at Caputo and Van Der Walde – Injury & Accident Attorneys are available for a free consultation at : (800) 900-0863.