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10,000 Cooper Tires Recalled due to Contaminated Rubber Tire Separation

Contaminated rubber in tire tread compounds has led to Cooper Tire & Rubber Company recalling 10,236 tires due to the possibility that the contaminated tread may separate from the tires early in the products’ life. As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this auto product recall affects tires produced from December 2011 through January 2012.

The tires are used in sport utility vehicles and light trucks, and the recall includes tires produced under the Cooper brand name, as well as its subsidiaries Del-Nat Tire Corporation, TBC Corporation, and Pep Boys Tires. According to reports, “non-standard” rubber stock was accidentally mixed with the specialized rubber used for the tire treads, compromising the quality of the treads and causing tread to have a high likelihood of separating from the tire. Tread separation can easily lead to a serious car accident due to the sudden loss of traction, which can cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle and be involved in a serious crash.

Tire problems also commonly lead to rollover crashes in northern California as the sudden traction loss can cause the vehicle to swerve suddenly at high speeds, overcoming the center of gravity for the vehicle and causing it to topple over. Additionally, these crashes often involve the vehicle leaving the road, which can be disastrous depending on the surrounding environment.

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