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One of the most devastating injuries anyone can experience is an amputation. These catastrophic injuries are life-altering and can impact your whole life, requiring you to switch jobs, make simple daily activities nearly impossible, and much more. The type of amputation injury victims suffer will depend on the extent and location of the injury or medical condition that requires amputation. The operation may also be based on the victim’s overall health and medical needs. Regardless of the type of amputation, it can have profound physical and emotional impacts on a person’s life. After the surgery, ongoing medical care, including prosthetics and rehabilitation may be required to help the patient adjust to their new circumstances.

If you’ve been maimed through no fault of your own, you can recover compensation to pay for your losses. Contact a personal injury law firm to help you. Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP has experience representing amputation injury victims in various types of personal injury cases. To start your personal injury claim, call now for a free consultation with a Campbell personal injury attorney

Accidents That Can Cause Amputation Injuries

There are many types of accidents that can cause amputation injuries, including:

Vehicular Accidents

High-speed car crashes and vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians can result in severe limb injuries that require amputation.

Truck Accidents

Collisions with large trucks can result in catastrophic injuries, including amputation

Workplace Accidents

Machinery, tools, and heavy equipment used in construction sites and factories can cause serious amputation injuries.

Explosions and Fires

Explosions and fires can result in serious burn injuries that may require amputation of the affected limbs.

Medical Malpractice

In some cases, medical errors, such as surgical mistakes or infections, can result in amputation.

Animal Attacks

Severe animal attacks, such as dog bites, can cause significant tissue damage that may require amputation.

Recreational Accidents

Accidents during recreational activities, such as boating, skiing, or hunting, can also result in amputation injuries.

Products Accidents

Defective or unsafe products, such as saws or lawn mowers with a faulty safety devices, many times can lead to an amputation injury

Man with metal leg

Types of Personal Injury Claim Amputations

Several types of amputations can happen in a personal injury case, including:

Arm Amputations

These can involve amputation of the whole arm, the forearm, or the hand. They are performed depending on the extent of the injury and the patient’s medical needs.

Leg Amputations

Leg amputations can involve amputation of the whole leg, the lower leg, or the foot.

Finger and Toe Amputations

These can involve the partial or complete amputation of one or more fingers or toes.

Shoulder and Hip Disarticulation

Disarticulations are rare types of amputation that involve the removal of the entire arm or leg at the joint.

Above-Knee and Below-Knee Amputations

These are types of leg amputations that involve the removal of the leg above or below the knee joint.

Damages You Can Claim in Amputation Injury Personal Injury Cases 

If you have suffered a serious injury and received an amputation, you may be entitled to various personal injury victims, including:

Past and Future Medical Expenses

Personal injury cases include the costs of past and future medical treatment and rehabilitation related to the amputation injury, such as hospital bills, doctor’s fees, physical therapy, and prosthetic devices.

Lost Income and Future Earnings

If the serious injury has caused you to miss work or you are unable to return to your previous occupation, you may be able to recover compensation for lost wages and future earnings.

Pain and Suffering

This includes fair compensation for the physical and emotional pain and suffering that you have experienced as a result of the amputation injury.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

When the amputation injury has impacted your ability to enjoy life and engage in activities that you once enjoyed, you may be able to claim fair compensation for this loss.

Property Damage

If your personal property was damaged in the accident that caused your amputation injury, you may be able to recover compensation from the other’s insurance company for the cost of repair or replacement.

Loss of Consortium

When the amputation injury has impacted your relationship with your spouse or family members, they may be able to claim fair compensation for the loss of companionship, love, and support.

Punitive Damages

You could be awarded punitive damages if the party responsible for your amputation injury acted with gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

Why Serious Injury Victims Need Amputation Injury Lawyers

An amputation injury attorney can help you navigate the legal process of seeking compensation for your injury from the liable party. They can investigate the circumstances of your personal injury case, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies and other parties, and represent you in court if necessary. 

Amputation injury lawyers can also help you determine the full extent of your damages and ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible. Personal injury cases can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. By working with an amputation injuries attorney, you can focus on your recovery and get the support you need during a difficult time.

As you recover from your serious injuries, you should work with amputation injury lawyers to file a settlement claim to receive compensation. Speak to Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP now about your personal injury claim.