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Attorney Paul Caputo Secures Major Victories for His Clients

At Caputo & VanDerWalde, we have a skilled team of attorneys who are committed to defending the rights of our clients. In fact, our founding partner, Paul Caputo, is the only Santa Clara County attorney to be chosen as the California Trial Lawyer of the Year. Attorney Caputo received this prestigious recognition after he represented a disabled wheelchair rider who was injured due to the negligence of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

In the case, Mr. Caputo was able to challenge the wheelchair securement policy of the transit agency and obtained critical lifetime medical care for his client. The verdict in this case resulted in major policy changes that have been lauded by multiple disabled groups for vastly improving safety for all passengers riding transit buses, as well as for saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

In the San Joaquin Valley, attorney Caputo took on Foster Farms after the company refused to offer compensation to an employee who had been exposed to anhydrous ammonia at work and developed serious, life-changing respiratory complications. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on behalf of the client, Mr. Caputo took the case before a jury in Stanislaus County and received a verdict totaling nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

In addition to helping the disabled community and local famers, attorney Caputo has also taken on the government and insurance companies. Mr. Caputo has successfully handled cases against the San Jose Police Department, auto manufacturers, and major insurance companies. He settled a case on behalf of a client against an auto manufacturer for $5.825 million. The client suffered injuries that left him with quadriplegia due to a defective seatbelt. He also settled a case against the San Jose Police Department for $1.13 million for a client left with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), now commonly referred to as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), after she was rear-ended by a SJPD officer.

Attorney Caputo has handled other CRPS cases as well. In one of these cases, he was able to recover $3 million for a client who suffered an injury while on-board a Santa Clara Valley Transportation bus. Recently, Mr. Caputo settled a case for $8 million on behalf of a client who suffered brain damage.

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