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Recognizing Potential Dangers At Northern California Construction Sites

While all worksites feature possible hazards, it is widely viewed that construction sites and related workplaces feature the greatest number of hazards and a much higher possibility for catastrophic and fatal injuries. Due to the presence of heavy machinery, and precarious situations that employees must work in, construction workers can be injured in a number of ways.

As such, it is important to be aware of the hazards present in construction sites and the injuries that may result, which can include:

  • Fall Accidents: Construction workers are often called to work at great heights that are often not completely stable. Falls can result in devastating injuries or death if from high enough.
  • Structure Collapse: Although construction crews are obligated to build structures safely and responsibly, mistakes may still happen. When these are great enough, entire structures may collapse, injuring anyone nearby.
  • Falling Debris: With employees working on multiple levels at once, mistakes may cause tools and various debris to fall onto workers below, likely causing injuries.
  • Crane Accidents: Cranes are large, heavy pieces of equipment that move many heavy items. If the items being lifted or the crane itself falls, anyone underneath can easily suffer fatal injuries.
  • Chemical Exposure: Many sites work with chemical or other hazardous materials that can cause illness in those exposed without proper safety equipment.
  • Vehicle Accidents: Truck, forklifts, and other construction vehicles cross construction sites throughout the day. If improperly controlled or malfunctioning, those in it or around it can suffer injuries as a consequence.
  • Tool Malfunction Accidents: Construction workers depend on their tools for reliable service and proper function. However, when these tools suffer disrepair or some form of malfunction, they can cause catastrophic injuries to unsuspecting workers.

Construction workers understand the risks of their work, but the injuries they suffer can still be eligible for injury compensation. If you have been injured in such a construction accident, contact the San Jose construction accident lawyers at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP at (800) 900-0863.