• $40,030,000
    Wrongful Death Skydiving Accident

    Attorney Paul Van Der Walde recovered a total of $40,030,000 in compensation for a couple bereft of their 18-year-old son in a tandem skydiving accident. Sadly, their son was the 20th person to suffer a wrongful death at a skydiving company owned by Bill Dause, who has reopened his company under various names to avoid legal trouble. This time, Mr. Dause was unable to evade accountability—Attorney Van Der Walde made it a point to have Mr. Dause personally responsible for paying the full $40 million by piercing the corporate veil.

  • $8,825,000
    School Bus vs. Pedestrian Accident
    School bus vs. pedestrian accident resulting in traumatic brain injury.
  • $7,411,492
    Train Maintenance Vehicle vs. Auto
    Caputo & Van Der Walde received a jury verdict in the amount of $7,411,492 for a surviving widow, who lost her husband when his pickup truck was involved in a collision with an on-track maintenance of way vehicle. The driver of the pickup truck was attempting to cross the train tracks on a green light when the on-track equipment approached, without triggering any warning lights, bells, or gates.
  • $7,291,986
    3rd-Degree Burns During a Pedicure
    Paul Caputo received a $7,291,985.58 decision for Plaintiff in a case where a client received severe 3rd-degree burns during a pedicure, resulting in the need for numerous skin grafting procedures, and causing significant disability with the need for significant future medical bills.
  • $5,650,000
    Paraplegia from Defective Seat
    Product liability case involving a defective seat design that resulted in paraplegia.
  • $4,250,000
    Pick-up Truck vs. Pedestrian Accident
    Pedestrian crossing a four-lane street in the crosswalk, hit by a full-size pick-up truck. Injuries included a left knee dislocation with complete tears of all ligaments and requiring surgery, right scaphoid fracture requiring surgery, right shoulder AC joint separation with clavicle fracture and PTS