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Questions & Answers: Premises Liability

San Jose Premises Liability Attorneys – (800) 900-0863

When an individual in the San Jose area sustains injuries from a fall, that person will want to be knowledgeable on how California law treats his or her potential personal injury case. Although some basics can provide a good groundwork for pursuing a slip and fall case, the best recourse is to rely on premises liability lawyers who can help victims secure the best chance of receiving the compensation they deserve. Here are some questions that an injured client might ask.

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I slipped and fell in a public area. Am I entitled to compensation?

Every slip-and-fall accident case is different, but in many cases, the parties responsible for maintaining a public area can be liable when an injury occurs. These parties often have insurance to cover public liability. Even if your injury did not occur on the job or at work, there is a good chance of a claim against the party that owns or operates a business in a particular public space, especially if the link between negligence and an accident is an obvious one.

What kind of compensation am I entitled to in a San Jose slip and fall injury case?

The state of California generally legitimizes compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other financial liabilities for the victim of a slip-and-fall injury. The specific compensation differs according to the facts of the particular case.

Do I need to submit to an independent medical exam?

Parties that are liable in a public slip and fall accident case, or their insurance companies, now often request an independent medical exam to conduct their own assessment of injuries. In many cases, a judge can require an injury victim to submit to an independent medical exam. Speak with your attorney before going to one of these medical exams to learn about what you should or should not say to the examining doctor.

What is the basic procedural plan for a premises liability case?

Although no two cases are exactly the same and will vary in the legal issues involved, the following is a general outline of the stages you will encounter:

  1. Complaint Filing
  2. Service of Complaint
  3. Response to Complaint
  4. Hearing of Challenges
  5. Discovery
  6. Discovery Motions
  7. Trial Setting (Case Management Conferences)
  8. Settlement Negotiations
  9. Trial

For more on the details of a slip-and-fall injury case, and to schedule your free case evaluation, call our San Jose premises liability lawyers at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP and let our committed and professional legal team take care of your case.

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