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San Jose Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck crashes are a unique brand of motor vehicle accidents because of the extreme amount of damage that trucks (especially big rigs) can cause. Thousands of people are killed each year in truck accidents and the number of total injuries per year is well over 100,000.

Whether a truck accident caused personal injuries or resulted in a wrongful death to a loved one, the experienced San Jose truck accident lawyers at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP are here to help.

The Dangers of Truck Accidents

Because of their massive size, trucks pose a heightened danger to other motorists and pedestrians. The injuries involved in truck accidents are often more serious than those seen in smaller automobile crashes and many times when a truck causes an accident, there are more than two vehicles involved.

  • Trucks can be so destructive not only because of their size, but because of the way they are built. Most automobiles today are constructed with unibody frames and sheet metal designed to crumple and absorb impact so the bodies inside the vehicle are protected.
  • Many trucks, on the other hand, are built with ladder frames which resist crumpling and bending, thereby increasing the damage caused to other vehicles in an accident. If a big rig is involved, its sheer size and weight alone creates the possibility of extreme damage.
  • Another characteristic of trucks and big rigs is that their parts frequently require maintenance and replacement. Tires wear down quickly, belts fray from overuse, and brake pads/rotors require special attention and upkeep. When it comes to maintenance, even the smallest oversight or mistake can lead to serious accidents.

The truck itself is not the only reason why trucks are so dangerous.

Professional truckers, while trained and competent, struggle mightily with drug abuse while on the job and can be the sole cause of an accident. Although there are strict federal guidelines governing how long truckers may drive without rest, these guidelines are often not followed, especially when increased financial compensation is available for drivers completing long hauls. Other common causes of accidents falling under the umbrella of driver error are distraction, aggression, cell phone use, carelessness, and fatigue. Furthermore, weather, poor road conditions, and even something as simple as loose gravel can all be important factors leading to an accident.

A truck accident attorney can perform the liability investigation for you and use experience to formulate different liability theories and present damage claims aimed at maximizing compensation for those so deserving.

We can help protect you from defenses like the statute of limitations and comparative fault and will collect the necessary evidence to get you compensation for all possible claims, including ones for future bills, household expenses, and even loss of consortium and punitive damages in certain cases.

For assistance and a free initial case evaluation, connect with Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP, a top rated Northern California and truck accident law firm. Call us today at (800) 900-0863, or feel free to further explore our many resources throughout the site.

To build an effective against the trucking company, trucker, or other defendant, however, you need to act aggressively within a certain designated timeframe, known as the statute of limitations. In California, this is two years. The statute of limitations says that, if you fail to take legal action within two years after your crash, you lose your recourse to pursue a claim.

In terms of damages, you might be able to collect for the time you had to take off of work, your medical and hospital bills, your long-term rehab, any pain and suffering you experienced, and property damage to your vehicle.

For assistance crafting the most strategic possible truck accident case, connect with Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP, a top rated Northern California and San Jose truck accident law firm. Dial (800) 900-0863 or explore the free and current resources on the rest of the site today.

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