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Aggressive Truckers and The Safety Risks Involved

The Dangers of Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2020, large trucks were involved in 4,102 fatal crashes in the United States – a 14% increase from 2019. This alarming trend is mainly due to aggressive driving behavior by truckers. Not only is this behavior dangerous, but it is also illegal. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict rules to prevent truckers from driving aggressively. Unfortunately, these rules are not always followed.

Why Truckers Are More Prone to Drive Aggressively

There are a few reasons why truckers might be more prone to driving aggressively. First, they often have tight deadlines and are under pressure to deliver their load on time. These tight deadlines can lead them to take risks on the road to get to their destinations faster. Additionally, many truckers are paid by the mile, so they have a financial incentive to drive as quickly as possible. Here are the top five aggressive driving behaviors that truckers often engage in.

1. Tailgating

When truckers tailgate, they follow too closely to the vehicle in front of them, leaving little room for error and increasing the chance of a collision if the lead driver has to brake suddenly. Tailgating is also dangerous because it can lead to road rage. If the driver in front of a tailgating trucker gets angry and retaliates, it could result in a severe accident.

2. Cutting Off Other Drivers

When a trucker cuts off another driver, they are putting that driver at risk. If the other driver is not paying attention, they could rear-end the truck, leading to severe accidents and injuries. Additionally, cutting off other drivers is rude and can lead to road rage.

3. Weaving in and Out of Lanes

When a trucker weaves in and out of lanes, the chance of an accident increases because they are not driving in a predictable pattern, and other drivers may not be expecting them to change lanes. Additionally, weaving in and out of lanes can be dangerous if the trucker is speeding or tailgating resulting in a rollover or rear-end accidents

4. Illegal Passing

When a trucker passes another vehicle illegally on the right side, they are putting that driver at risk. If the other driver is not expecting to be passed, they could be caught off guard and swerve into oncoming traffic or the truck. Illegal passing can lead to both severe accidents and road rage.

5. Speeding Excessively

When a trucker speeds excessively, they are putting themselves and other motorists at risk. Speeding makes it harder to control the vehicle and decreases the time a driver has to react to a hazard. Speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities, especially when trucks are involved.

If you find yourself sharing the road with an aggressive trucker, the best thing you can do is give them plenty of space and avoid getting into their blind spots, also known as “no zones.” Raising awareness of the dangers of aggressive driving can help make our roads safer for everyone.

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