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Test Your Bike IQ

When it comes to bicycles, a lot of people ride them casually, but fewer understand all the ins and outs of cycling safety and etiquette. Read on to test how much you know!


True or False: Adult cyclists are required to wear helmets on public roads.

False. In California, only riders and passengers aged 18 and under are required to wear helmets. Of course, we would recommend you wear one anyway.

True or False: Cyclists can wear headphones or earbuds while riding.

False. Just like their motorist counterparts, cyclists put themselves and others at risk when they’re unable to hear and respond to their surroundings quickly. Having both ears covered is prohibited.

True or False: Cyclists can use cell phones while riding.

True. Cyclists are permitted to operate cell phones while riding. If you must use it, do so carefully. If an accident occurs because you were distracted, you may still be held responsible.


True or False: Cyclists should give way to pedestrians.

True. Cyclists must follow the same traffic laws as motorists. Make sure you have time to slow down to protect those on foot.

True or False: Cyclists should use crosswalks.

False. Crosswalks should only be used by pedestrians. If you want to use the crosswalk to cross the road, you should dismount from your bicycle and walk alongside it. Doing so gives you the right of way as a pedestrian.

True or False: Cyclists don’t have to use available bike lanes.

False. If a bike lane is present on the roadway, you should use it. When exiting, make sure you signal other cyclists and motorists to avoid an accident.


True or False: The world’s most expensive bike sold for $500,000.

True. Lance Armstrong sold his Butterfly Bike, designed by artist Damien Hirst, at a charity auction. Hirst designed the bike with real butterfly wings, varnishing the frame to preserve them.

True or False: You can fit 20 bicycles in the same space as a single car.

False. 15 is a more accurate number. But still pretty impressive, to say the least!

True or False: Before they built airplanes, the Wright brothers built bicycles.

True. Lance Wilbur and Orville Wright owned several bike shops in Dayton, Ohio, and became innovative bicycle manufacturers before they looked to the skies.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Despite following bicycle safety and etiquette protocols, cyclists may still face accidents due to others’ negligence. If the crash resulted in injuries, our personal injury attorneys at Caputo & Van Der Walde are here to help.

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