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Most Common Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

With autumn on its way, more cyclists are taking to the streets. But this means of transportation doesn’t come without its risks. Bicyclists should take caution to avoid injury on the road.

Susceptible to Injury

Bike accidents can be particularly dangerous due to their combination of speed and vulnerability. For many cyclists, protection is often limited to a helmet. While some individuals may wear elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves, those who cycle casually often don’t wear such equipment. But the absence of these safeguards only increases the list of possible injuries a cyclist may endure.

Kinds of Injuries

Although bicycle accidents can result in a variety of injuries, some are more common than others. Some examples include:

  • Road Rash: a friction burn from scraping your skin along a rough surface
  • Contusions: bruising of blood vessels and other soft tissues
  • Fractures: broken bones from sudden impact, usually in the clavicle (collar bone), wrists, fingers, or arms
  • Dislocations: a joint is forced out of its normal position
  • Strains: stretched or torn muscle tissue that connects muscle to bone
  • Sprains: stretched or torn muscle tissue that connects two bones together

Kinds of Accidents

The severity of bicycle injuries depends largely on what accident caused them. Several possibilities include:

  • Self-inflicted: taking a turn too fast, losing control of the bike, etc.
  • Bike malfunction: defective parts, such as brakes, don’t work properly
  • Vehicle collision: colliding with or being struck by a car
  • Pedestrian collision: striking an unsuspecting pedestrian
  • Bike collision: colliding with another cyclist

Of course, accidents involving vehicles are likely to cause damage beyond these common injuries. Skull fractures, spinal injuries, and broken legs often coincide with bike/auto accidents.

Location, Location

The location of your accident can also influence what kinds of injuries you sustain. Mountain bikers traversing loose gravel may find themselves removing stones from their legs. Meanwhile, city cyclists might be greeted by a sudden open car door in their lane. Some injuries are unique to where they occur.

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