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What Bicyclists Need to Know About Self-Driving Cars

Cycling can be a great mode of transportation to save money and go green, especially in major cities. However, with the growing number of vehicles with self-driving options, cyclists now have a new hazard to watch out for on the road.

Autonomous Vehicles are Becoming More Common

While self-driving cars have not taken over every road in America, reports show that over 1,400 models are in testing and production stages nationwide. With over 80 companies producing lines of self-driving cars, trucks, and even commercial vehicles, sharing the road with an autonomous vehicle is expected to be commonplace by 2024.

Although self-driving cars are gaining media and government attention for being the safest option due to reducing the possibility of human error, research shows that autonomous vehicles are involved in 9.1 crashes per million miles driven, compared to the 4.1 crashes of standard vehicles. Most infamously, a self-driving Uber car was involved in a fatal accident in 2018, striking a woman with a bicycle who was using a crosswalk. The company stopped production on its self-driving vehicle line two years later.

What Does This Mean for Cyclists?

For cyclists, being on the road can already be stressful. Whether watching out for side doors opening into the bike lane or drivers looking down at their mobile devices, even cycling in the designated areas can become hazardous.

With self-driving cars, recent accidents have been caused due to drivers not being fully attentive, the AI swerving into pedestrians, or the technology not registering bicycles as a hazard, like in the Uber case. Because of this, bicyclists may have to assume even more responsibility for roadway safety by remembering to wear bright colors or reflective clothing and remaining vigilant.

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