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3 Steps Truckers Must Take to Pull Over Safely

Trucks are inherent hazards. They are large, heavy, difficult to maneuver, and have large blind spots that make other vehicles essentially invisible.

In the event that a truck driver needs to pull over to the side of the road, they must take certain safety measures to protect other vehicles on the road, including the following:

#1. Signal Intent and Slow Down Gradually

Trucks should drive in the right lane most of the time. Still, truckers must signal their intent to pull over onto the shoulder of the road plenty of time before doing so. Additionally, truckers should not come to a sudden stop unless absolutely necessary. Rather, truckers should make it clear to other motorists that they will move the massive vehicle to the side of the road a few hundred feet before doing so. This way, other drivers can take appropriate avoidance maneuvers.

#2. Demarcate the Area With Appropriate Hazard Signs

In addition to keeping the truck’s hazard lights on the entire time the truck is stopped, it is also important for truckers to demarcate the area the truck is stopped with fluorescent and reflective hazard signs, like traffic cones, hazard triangles, and even flares. This is vital at night, when a dark truck may be impossible to see on a pitch black rural highway.

#3. Contact Emergency Services If Necessary

Sometimes, a trucker should contact emergency services if their vehicle is posing a significant hazard, such as by blocking a lane or leaking a flammable substance. Additionally, if the truck cannot be restarted, the trucker may want to contact emergency services if they broke down on a desolate stretch of road.

Why Is This Important?

Our vision changes when the sun sets. Photoreceptor cells called rods and cones enable us to perceive light and color. Rods are more sensitive in low light conditions, such as after dark, but only produce black and white vision. Cones, on the other hand, work well in brighter light to perceive colors.

Since cones do not work well in low light conditions, it is more difficult for us to perceive color at night. This is why it’s vital for truck drivers to do everything they can to improve the visibility of their stopped vehicles by placing colorful, reflective markers near the area.

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