Can You Recover from a Catastrophic Injury?

Can You Recover from a Catastrophic Injury?

After an individual survives an accident that results in severe damage, they may be wondering if their life will return to how it was prior to the accident. When one has sustained a catastrophic injury, other questions may arise surrounding recovery and how to move forward.

In its definition, a catastrophic injury is classified as an injury that leads to a permanent disability, which means victims require ongoing care. Catastrophic injuries include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation, burn injuries, internal organ damage, and vision impairment. For survivors, life may never be the same again, which may seem like a bleak outcome. However, there is medical, psychological, and physical treatment to help lessen the impact of the injury.

For example, with a brain injury, the fastest improvements typically happen in the first six months following the accident. Individuals may go through cognitive therapy, speech/language therapy, physical therapy, and other forms of rehabilitation to help restore their cognitive functions that were impacted by a brain injury.

Not all injuries have the same outcome, and some victims may have a longer road of recovery ahead of them. Additionally, costs associated with catastrophic injuries can include hospital bills and loss of earnings. For this reason, it’s crucial for catastrophic injury victims to seek legal representation to recover a fair amount of compensation.

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Having the right support, including compassionate medical care, a legal team, and loved ones will be crucial during this time.

While we know that recovering monetary damages cannot repair the situation, it can help relieve the financial burdens that come with the injury. Our team at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP is here to fight for you.

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