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Complications of CRPS

Complex regional pain syndrome is a condition that causes you to experience pain long after an injury occurs. Sometimes, this condition lasts longer than six months following your damages, and it can spread to an entire limb.

The main symptom of CRPS is severe pain. However, there are other common symptoms that you may experience because of this condition. Even your skin can change colors or give off a blotchy appearance. Here are some of the symptoms of CRPS you should recognize.

Symptoms Associated with CRPS

  • Skin texture: You may experience a change in your skin texture. It may give off a shiny appearance.
  • Sweating: You may have a significant amount of sweat in the impacted area. If your injury occurs in your arm, the abnormal sweating may occur on the arm, shoulder, and hand.
  • Joint stiffness: You may experience joint stiffness in the area where the CRPS exists. Joint stiffness can make it challenging to walk, run, and do other activities.
  • Muscle control: You may have a hard time with muscle movement due to coordination and flexibility issues in the part of your body where you suffer the condition.

Liability in CRPS Cases

When you suffer from complex regional pain syndrome, it may stem from a long-lasting injury. For instance, if you suffer a broken bone or fracture in an auto accident, CRPS may cause you to experience the pain for longer than six months.

If this is the case, you should recognize that the injury is the underlying factor in your pain. You may be able to take legal action if you have not done so already. The courts may consider the pain you endure because of the condition.

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