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4 Tips To Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous and may result in life-threatening injuries. Motorcyclists lack the protections from injury that automobile drivers and passengers take for granted, and which is why motorcycle accidents are so much more likely to lead to fatalities. If you drive a motorcycle, make sure you know everything there is to know about motorcycle safety so that you can do your part to prevent a crash from happening.

To help increase your chances of avoiding a motorcycle crash, and avoid serious injuries if you are involved in one, try the following:

1. Wear a Helmet and Protective Clothing

Protective equipment can be life-saving, especially helmets. Motorcycle helmets are built to withstand significant impact, such as being thrown from your bike onto the concrete, and can help protect your skull from sustaining fatal damage. Although helmets aren’t lawfully required in every state, they should always be worn to increase your safety. Similarly, protective clothing should have reflective markings and be constructed to withstand punctures and tears, thereby reducing the incidence of serious abrasions from sliding on the roadway surface “road rash.”

2. Properly Maintain Your Motorcycle

Vehicle maintenance is an important responsibility of any motor vehicle owner, but it is especially important for motorcyclists. Motorcycles require consistent maintenance, so before a big ride, make sure you check fluid levels, brakes, tires, and other important mechanisms.  Improper adjustments to brakes and clutches can result in a motorcycle that is hard to operate.  Tire inflation and wear can also result in significant safety concerns, especially when driving on only two tires instead of four at hogh speeds and in corners.

3. Drive Defensively

Motorcycles are notoriously overlooked, which is why it is so important for riders to consistently drive defensively. Always come to a complete stop at intersections and stoplights, and make eye contact with drivers when possible to ensure they see you. Also, avoid driving in blind spots and do not weave in and out of lanes in heavy traffic. When lane splitting, be sure not to overtake vehicles at a speed greater than 10 MPH faster than the flow of traffic.  With motorcycles, It is all about visibility – if  another driver doesn’t see you coming, they can’t take measures to avoid the collision.

4. Abide By Traffic Laws

If you make a point to abide by traffic laws, it will significantly increase your safety, and subsequently, decrease your chances of a damaging crash. Follow the speed limit and always signal when changing lanes or turning.

Practicing these safety tips can go far to help prevent serious crashes, but sometimes accidents do happen. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence or mistake, our firm is prepared to help you seek justice and compensation from the liable party.