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Insurance Companies, Lawyers, and Juries…Oh My

It’s unfortunate, but there are so many times when we see injured individuals who feel that the best way to get compensation is to go through the insurance company on their own. They trust the word of the insurance adjustors who are always nice at first and accept low ball offers without blinking an eye.

Even worse is when an individual turns down a settlement offer and tries to go through legal proceedings on their own. This is a huge mistake and it could cost you as there are several obstacles that you may encounter along the way, namely insurance companies, lawyers, and juries. Here are a few of the things you should know about the challenges you may experience and what you can do to protect yourself moving forward.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The insurance company isn’t on your side. They want to pay you the least amount of money you will accept. You may learn quickly that they’re focused on their profits and will only pay out fair compensation when they are faced with opposition from a skilled and experienced attorney.

Insurance Companies are Backed By Lawyers

Insurance companies have their own large “in house” law firms who are trained to contest the responsibility, in whole or part, the insurance company will accept, thus attempting to lower the amount of compensation they must pay out. These lawyers have spent many years defending insurance companies, creating numerous hurdles for plaintiffs in personal injury matters.

For instance, they will agree with the findings they know are wrong in a police report if it supports them, and contest paying the injured party, even if they know the report is wrong – it takes a skilled personal injury lawyer to hire the right experts and perform the right investigation to win these cases.

Juries Make Important Decisions In Trial

In trial, your goal is to convince the jury that you were in fact the victim of negligence and that the accident caused a serious injury. If you don’t have access to specific resources, including witnesses, depositions, and experts to create compelling evidence, you may find yourself scrambling to get the jury on your side.

At Caputo & Van Der Walde, our San Jose personal injury attorneys provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to protect yourself at every turn. We work hard on your behalf when you need it the most and aim to seek the most favorable outcome for you.