Common Household Sources of Carbon Monoxide

Common Household Sources of Carbon Monoxide

The dangers surrounding carbon monoxide exposure are well-documented. However, you must recognize the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning in a standard setting. If you know the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning, you can identify where negligence may exist.

You may find many sources of carbon monoxide in businesses, such as hotels, offices, and other commercial buildings. Whenever CO poisoning occurs on someone else’s property, you may have legal options. It starts with understanding the source.

Carbon Monoxide Sources

  • Gas Fireplaces: In a location where a gas fireplace is present, the business or homeowner must ensure that it is ventilated it correctly. Without proper ventilation, carbon monoxide can be released into the room where you may be present.
  • Motor vehicles: If you have your vehicle parked in an enclosed area, you want to ensure that there’s enough ventilation to release the carbon monoxide emitted from your vehicle.
  • Gas clothes dryers: A gas clothes dryer may release carbon monoxide, but if properly vented, this will help remove the gas from the home or building. If a clothes dryer is not properly ventilated, or the vent is blocked with lint or debris, it can cause significant problems.
  • Gas stoves: Like a clothes dryer, gas stoves and ovens must have proper ventilation in a restaurant, hotel, home or any other area in which this appliance is present. Improper ventilation causes significant issues.
  • Gas Furnaces and water heaters – All gas appliances need to have the flame adjusted, burners cleaned and ventilation check periodically to make sure carbon monoxide gas is not produced and that all gas appliances are properly vented

The Responsibility of Businesses

Businesses and landlords must use reasonable efforts to provide for the safety of their patrons. To that end, they must take preventative measures to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, including installing Carbon Monoxide detectors, conducting periodic inspections and properly ventilating appliances that may produce Carbon Monoxide.

If the premises are not maintained safely, then the business owner, or landlord will be liable for any damages resulting from their negligence, including carbon monoxide poisoning. You may have the right to file a claim for your harm.

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