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Breaking Down All Motor Vehicle Accidents: Cause and Results

In the state of California, there were roughly 485,000 auto accidents reported in 2017. These collisions resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths and over 276,000 injuries sustained. As a result, California accounted for around 11% of all of the accidents that occur across the entire United States.

It’s important for all drivers on the road to understand the different types of motor vehicle accidents that can occur, along with the acts of negligence that often cause them, and the significant injuries victims sustain as a result.

We’ll break down the cause and results of multiple motor vehicle accident types, including:

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Car Accident Causes & Injuries

Multi-vehicle accidents occur often as there is an increase in distracted driving and other reckless actions, including drunk driving and speeding. Unfortunately, these account for a large majority of the injuries sustained and the worst about it is — they’re completely preventable.

Distracted driving can include anything from texting and talking on the phone to changing the radio station or turning to speak with another passenger in the vehicle. Anything that requires the driver to take their eyes off the road, one or both hands off the steering wheel, or when their attention is not focused on driving is considered distracted driving.

In California, there was a long history of strict liability in drunk driving accidents: the individual who was drinking and driving was responsible for the crash. There are now some exceptions regarding social host liability that can make other parties potentially liable.

In car accidents, there are several injuries a victim may sustain, including traumatic brain injuriesspinal cord damage, broken bones, and more. They often require long-term medical care and extensive physical therapy to recover, making it imperative to pursue compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most catastrophic simply due to the fact that there is no protective frame surrounding the rider. Any accident that occurs can cause the motorcyclist to be thrown from his or her motorcycle and come crashing to the ground.

As a result, the injuries sustained often leave the motorcyclist with a need for surgical procedures, pain management, and other medical needs over the remainder of their life following the accident.

While there are countless pieces of safety gear that a motorcyclist can wear, they can only prevent so much. There can still be an instance when your brain can move around inside of your skull, making significant contact and causing trauma, which may lead to a concussion, brain tissue damage, or hemorrhaging.

One of the Most Dangerous: Truck Accidents

They’re large. They travel at a high rate of speed and they are a constant presence on our highways. While not all truck drivers act in a way that presents a serious danger, those that do can cause significant harm to all other motorists in their path.

Truck accidents can have some of the most devastating results because of the truck’s size—they can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. with cargo. When one of these large commercial trucks collides with much smaller vehicles, it is often those in the smaller vehicle who sustain the most harm.

These are often a result of regulation violations, such as truck drivers working beyond their allowable hours, trucks being too heavy for transport, or a failure to ensure the truck and all its parts are properly maintained and deemed safe.

How Serious are Bicycle Accidents?

Similar to motorcycle accidents, those involved in bicycle accidents are often without the protection of a metal frame. When a vehicle collides with someone on a bike, it is easy to understand how the bicyclist may suffer significant injuries as a result.

They may suffer brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and in the worst-case scenario, they may suffer fatal injuries.

Unfortunately, many of the bicycle accidents that occur happen simply because drivers are not paying attention or they’re driving while intoxicated. This results in them swerving into bike lanes, turning when they shouldn’t, driving through intersections illegally, or otherwise driving where bicyclists may have the right of way.

Pedestrians are at Serious Risk

Pedestrians are at some of the most serious risk of danger. Whether they’re crossing at a legal crosswalk, or they are trying to get into their vehicle on the side of the road, they face potential negligence on behalf of a reckless driver.

Whether they are sideswiped or a driver goes through an intersection because they’re disobeying laws, speeding, drunk, or distracted, it is the pedestrian who can sustain life-altering (and sometimes life-threatening) injuries as a result.

Pedestrians should always remain aware of their surroundings, looking out for potentially negligent drivers. This includes listening as you are crossing the street, only crossing at legal crosswalks, and remaining visible if you are walking at night.

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