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What are the Different Causes of Burn Injuries and Who Can Be Responsible?

Burn injuries: they can happen in a number of different situations—some natural and others as an act of negligence. People can sustain burn injuries as a result of recklessness, acts of violence, car crashes, or even on the job.

If you’ve been injured, it’s important to know what can cause a burn injury, as well as the different parties who may be subject to a lawsuit for liability. Here are some of the most common causes of burns.

Scalding Burns

Lawsuits involving scalding burns came into public spotlight when a woman was burned by McDonald’s coffee that was much hotter than it should have been at serving temperature. The woman spilled the cup on her lap, suffering very serious third-degree burns, requiring skin grafts on her inner thighs and elsewhere as a result.

Other instances of scalding burns could include hot tea or hot soup being dropped on a patron at a restaurant, causing severe harm.

Cases involving scalding burns require someone else’s negligence to be the cause of a spill in which the hot liquids or a hot item causes a burn injury.

Burns Caused By Flames

Flames are the most common causes of burns because they can occur at work, at home, or even during a car accident. Any time a fire ignites, individuals in the nearby vicinity are at risk of suffering serious injuries.

Typically, when an accident occurs—such as a cook coming into contact with an open flame—there is no negligence involved. However, in a situation involving arson that causes burn injuries, the criminal activity is considered negligence and there is potentially someone who can be held responsible.

Electric Burns

Electric burns are typically the result of currents coursing through the body and may be caused by improper wiring. These types of burns can damage your internal organs, creating long-term problems.

Other potential burns can include contact burns, chemical burns, and ultraviolet burns from the sun. In some situations, where negligence exists, you can work with a San Jose burn injury lawyer to better understand your rights to legal action.

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