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Class Actions Filed Against Michigan Governor for Flint Water Crisis

Class Actions Filed Against Michigan Governor for Flint Water Crisis

When Flint, Michigan’s water source was switched from the system nearby Detroit used to its own Flint River back in 2014, city officials believed they would be saving money and reducing costs. They had no idea how much the decision would eventually cost the city and its residents, especially now that class action lawsuits are being filed against Michigan State Governor Rick Snyder and members of the state and city governments.

Several families have brought the lawsuit against the state and its head representative for two primary reasons:

  1. Inaction: The lawsuit states that there was a general lack of concern and action from the state as soon as it was apparent that the new water source was unsafe for consumption or hygiene. There are even allegations that the government intentionally chose to misrepresent the true danger of the water.
  2. Injury: The Flint Water Crisis really spiked once blood tests among citizens revealed that they had been exposed to hazardous levels of lead in the water. Young children in particular had alarmingly high levels of lead in their blood – sometimes up to three times the typical amount – that the suing parties claim have caused their children to suffer both permanent physical and mental health problems.

The Blame Game Has No Winners

Governor Snyder and his administration have mainly turned to, and blamed, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They allege that the federal group did not recognize that the Flint River was unsafe to use at all and should have intervened the moment the city switched to it as a water source. The EPA is quick to defend itself and claims Michigan State’s own officials failed their responsibility to reasonably protect its citizens from preventable harm.

As the Governor and the EPA point fingers at one another, the people of Flint continue to suffer the consequences. By filing a class action lawsuit in pursuit of damages, Flint’s residents have stated clearly that they will not sit idly by while state and federal governments bicker and argue. In the end, no matter who is truly to blame for what happened, Flint deserves compensation.

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