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Passengers Injured in Richmond Bus Accident

Passengers Injured in Richmond Bus Accident

Richmond police officers are searching for a man responsible for crashing a stolen car into a bus resulting in multiple injuries and a severely damaged house. According to a Bay City Newsreport, the hit-and-run accident occurred near 18th Street and Burbeck Avenue in Richmond. Officials witnessed the man driving a stolen vehicle shortly before he sped off and crashed into an AC Transit bus. The bus then careened into a home containing a woman and her two young daughters.

The three occupants of the duplex were treated for minor injuries and their portion of the building was deemed uninhabitable. The driver of the bus and seven passengers were treated for injuries as well. The younger brother of the alleged driver was taken into custody, but the hit-and-run driver fled the scene on foot.

Victims of injury accidents in the Bay Area have the right to pursue financial compensation from the driver responsible for the crash. This process can become more complicated when the negligent party is a hit-and-run driver or when the vehicle involved in the crash was stolen. Typically, the at-fault driver’s insurance will cover the bulk of the damages. This is not possible when there is no insurance or when the authorities are unable to apprehend the hit-and-run driver.

In such cases, financial support may still be available for the injured victims. For example, victims of hit-and-run drivers who have uninsured motorist coverage may be able to seek compensation from their own insurance provider. Here are a few important things that everyone should know about uninsured motorist coverage:

  • It can protect you in the event of an accident even when you are not in a car
  • Uninsured motorist coverage can cover your damages if you are struck as a pedestrian or a bicyclist
  • You must file a claim with your insurance provider within two years of the accident.
  • You can purchase uninsured motorist coverage from the same provider that you already have your liability coverage.
  • It will typically only protect you if you can show that you were not solely at-fault for the accident.

Pursuing support through your own insurance company is just one way to receive financial compensation after being hurt in a hit-and-run accident. Anyone interested in his or her legal rights and options would be well advised to pursue guidance from a San Jose personal injury attorney who can help them through the claim process.