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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is brain injury awareness month. This is a good time for all of us to review and reflect on how brain injury occurs and how it can affect the lives of not just the injured victims, but also their families. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result from a blow, bump, or jolt to the head that affects the way the brain functions. According to The Brain Injury Association, about 2.4 million people, including 475,000 children, sustain a TBI annually in the United States. Severe TBIs often result in permanent disabilities and significant side effects. There are approximately 53 million individuals currently living with life-long disabilities that resulted from a head injury.

The cost to treat a brain injury can be overwhelming. The cost of average hospital-based acute rehabilitation is approximately $8,000 per day. Additionally, post-acute residential stays range from $850 to $2,500 per day. Approximately four hours of therapy a day can cost anywhere between $600 and $1,000. These types of expenses are common for brain injury victims and the costs do not end there.

Many victims of TBIs are unable to return to work at full capacity or are unable to work at all after their injury. Disability coverage, however, rarely covers all of the everyday expenses related to living with a brain injury. Many victims of brain injuries have to rely on their friends and family to provide them with financial support and assistance with even basic everyday tasks.

If a brain injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, injured victims can seek additional compensation for losses such as medical expenses, lost future income, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering. If you or a loved one has suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of someone else’s negligent acts, please contact an experienced San Jose personal injury lawyer to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights.