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A study published in the January issue of Neurosurgery questions whether patients with mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that don’t cause bleeding within the skull need more than one CT scan during the course of their treatment.

Traumatic brain injuries can cause serious disabilities or even death, which is why so many experienced TBI victim lawyers take even mild head injuries seriously. After a head injury, many patients receive a computed tomography, or CT, scan. The scan produces images of the brain that can reveal sites of bleeding or other damage that may require surgery or other treatment.

Follow-up CT scans may also be used to see how the brain is healing. In patients with severe TBIs, these follow-up scans are necessary to check on bleeding in the brain or to examine the results of emergency surgery.

However, when a TBI is mild and the patient is showing outward signs of recovery, the Neurosurgery study argues a CT scan to check on the brain’s healing may not be necessary. Patients with mild TBIs who are showing improvement during outward physical exams may suffer more harm by being exposed to an additional scan than benefits from the scan itself, say researchers.

Even a mild TBI requires rest and proper care in order to heal, and the healing process may take several weeks. Patients with mild TBIs should always keep their follow-up appointments with their doctors and show up for any additional testing the doctor requires.

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