Studies Reveal The Financial Costs Of Spinal Cord Injury Can Be Significant

Studies Reveal The Financial Costs Of Spinal Cord Injury Can Be Significant

Despite advances in medical treatment and understanding of spinal cord injuries, these injuries remain some of the most expensive to treat both immediately and in the long term, according to a study in the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine. San Jose spinal cord injury attorneys like those at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP are well aware of these overwhelming costs, which is why they are dedicated to helping those with spinal cord injuries obtain fair compensation.

The study examined 675 people who had had spinal cord injuries for at least two years, asking them to estimate their annual yearly medical and other costs associated with the injury. The total costs revealed by the study topped $14.4 million dollars – an estimated $21,450 per patient.

Not surprisingly, some patients paid more in an average year than others. For instance, patients who needed to be hospitalized for a condition related to their spinal cord injury were likely to pay more, since the costs of hospitalizations covered by the study equaled $7.19 million. Patients with complete spinal cord injuries in the cervical, or neck, region averaged over $28,000 in costs per year, while patients with incomplete injuries in the thoracic, or mid-back, region averaged slightly lower costs, around $16,792 per person.

In total, about 253,000 Americans live with spinal cord injuries, according to researchers. The estimated costs of these injuries can be as much as $9.7 billion annually. Costs for the first year of injury are typically much higher than later years, due in part to hospital treatment for the initial injury and also to the costs of therapy and rehabilitation.