Investigation Finds History of Brake Issues Leading Up To Deadly California Bus Crash

A tour bus involved in a crash that killed seven people recently had been placed out of service twice for brake problems before receiving a clean bill of health from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), according to a recent news report.

The bus company received a “satisfactory” safety rating from the FMCSA in January 2013, according to recent records. At the time, the company had three buses on the road. Before that time, however, one of its buses had been ordered off the road twice for various safety problems. These included loose or missing wheel fasteners, a damaged windshield, and a total of 17 safety violations.

The FMCSA regularly conducts roadside inspections of commercial vehicles to make sure they are in safe working order. Minor problems may get a driver a ticket or an order to get the problem fixed immediately. More serious problems, however, will get the bus or truck placed “out of service” – banned from road travel until the problems are corrected.

In this recent fatal bus crash, the tour bus struck two vehicles, then rolled over, claiming seven lives. Investigators are examining the bus’s brakes and other systems, as well as the company’s safety history and the condition of the driver and passengers when the crash occurred.

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