Six Prom Night Safety Tips For Teens And Parents

Six Prom Night Safety Tips For Teens And Parents

Prom is one of the most memorable nights in many teenager’s life – but in order to ensure the memories are positive ones, some basic safety tips are needed. Parents and teens can work together to ensure that everything goes smoothly on this exciting night. Here are six tips for prom safety that teens and parents can implement together.

Pre-Prom Safety

  • Agree on ground rules. Common ground rules include no drinking, promising to follow the school’s code of conduct for prom, and setting and sticking to a curfew.
  • Make a plan. Parents should know where teens are going and who they plan to be with.
  • Prepare. Make sure the teen’s cell phone is ready to go and that he or she has extra money and the contact information of a trusted “backup” adult in case parents can’t be reached.

During the Prom

  • Communicate. Teens should always tell their parents if their prom-night plans change – a quick phone call or text message is often enough.
  • Stay alert. Teens can often avoid dangerous situations by knowing where they are, who is around them, and what’s going on. Counsel teens to trust their instincts; if a situation seems wrong, get out and call someone for help.
  • Postpone judgment. Even if teens get in a dangerous or prohibited situation, they should know they can call home and a parent will pick them up – no questions asked. Discussion of what went wrong and what punishment is appropriate can wait until everyone is safely home.

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