California Hospital Quality Institute

The California Hospital Association and its three affiliated regional councils recently banded together to launch the Hospital Quality Institute. Headquartered in Sacramento, the Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving patient safety and quality in hospitals and other facilities.

The Hospital Quality Institute plans to integrate patient safety and quality programs that are already being used in California. These include safety and quality improvement programs already being used by the California Hospital Association and its three related regional councils. They also include the Patient Safety First program, which is currently being used by 180 California hospitals.

According to the National Health Foundation, the Patient Safety First program saved 973 lives in the first two years by reducing the risk of sepsis, a systemic infection that is often fatal. It also saved about $19 million in costs related to patient care complications, which included over $3 million saved by improving care before, during, and after the delivery of babies in the associated hospitals.

The Hospital Quality Institute hopes to replicate these results and to improve patient care in other ways throughout California. Improving safety and birth care are high on the list, as are cutting health care costs while improving the overall quality of care available to patients in California hospitals.

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