The Time To Think About A Text Is Before And After The Drive, Never During It

Even though the use of a cell phone without a hands-free function is not legal in California, on any given day, it would be impossible to not see someone driving with a cell phone to their ear. While this behavior is not limited to teenagers, the majority of cell phone related accidentsinvolving teenagers stem from their use of the phone for sending and receiving texts, their preferred mode of communication. The texts are often of very little importance for the teenager’s survival but the reading and sending of them might be.

Any form of distraction, something that takes your eye or mind away from the road, can be the basis of a car accident. Texting, though, creates a situation where the distraction is longer than the risk can accept. On average even a short text (“where r u”, “wheres party”, “whos going” etc.) will take approximately 5 seconds. In a long life, 5 seconds is nothing. When driving, sending or reading a 5 second text can be the difference between getting to a destination alive and the cutting off of that life. The consequences of a texting car accident are not limited to those directly damaged, injured or killed. The ones left behind, and certainly the one who might have initiated the text, will have to deal with the pain, guilt and fear of the memory for a long time if not for the rest of their lives.

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