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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently released its “top ten most wanted” safety features across all U.S. modes of transport, including planes, trains, pipelines, and motor vehicles. Included on the list were the top four priority safety measures for U.S. cars.

About 35,000 people die during transportation in the U.S. each year, and hundreds of thousands more are injured, according to the NTSB. The agency’s most-wanted methods for decreasing these numbers among U.S. motorists include:

  • Improved infrastructure. Fixing and updating roads, bridges, and tunnels across the U.S. will eliminate dangers at intersections, blind curves, broken pavement, and other safety risks that cause accidents, according to the NTSB.
  • Ending impaired driving. Drunk and drugged driving remain some of the major causes of U.S. car accidents, including fatal and injury-causing crashes, say NTSB officials. The agency has made it a goal to end impaired driving.
  • Ending distracted driving. Texting behind the wheel may not seem as dangerous as drinking, but a texting driver is as impaired as one with an 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration, according to one Utah State University study.
  • Creating and maintaining collision-avoidance systems. Computer systems that warn when a vehicle has left its lane or is too close to another car can help prevent crashes, and the NTSB supports improving and extending these systems.

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