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Man on Tracks Struck, Killed by Caltrain in South San Jose

Man on Tracks Struck, Killed by Caltrain in South San Jose

Police do not currently know why an adult man walked onto the train tracks on the morning of May 16, but are investigating this fatal South San Jose train accident. As reported by NBC Bay Area, this fatal San Jose pedestrian accident occurred at 6:40 am when the man walked onto the tracks near Tamien station and was struck by northbound Caltrain No. 217.

Reports do not indicate why the man was on the tracks or how long the conductor had to respond to the man’s presence on the railroad. The incident delayed trains for approximately 40 minutes as investigators dealt with the scene and Caltrain provided a bus bridge from the Tamien station to Diridon for travelers.

Unfortunately, this type of accident is not uncommon in the Bay Area or anywhere else in the state. This is the sixth Caltrain fatality since the beginning of the year and 16 deaths involved the train in 2011. On May 15, another man was struck by a Caltrain around 5:45 pm near the South San Francisco station and suffered non-fatal injuries.

Any accident that involves a pedestrian or passenger vehicle being struck by a train has the high possibility of ending in death due to the speed, size, and weight of any train that far outclasses a normal vehicle. While safety measures are set up around all stations, some train crossings may fall into disrepair, not work properly, or be hard to see for those nearby. As such, the accidents that result are frequently devastating.

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