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What Unique Truck Accidents Can Result In Devastating Injuries?

What Unique Truck Accidents Can Result In Devastating Injuries?

Semi-trucks are dangerous due to their weight and size, which can make any accident they are involved in much more dangerous and likely to result in fatalities. However, there are many crashes that trucks can cause that no other vehicle can possibly cause. Specifically, the trailers hauled by trucks can cause serious and often deadly accidents that often affect anyone nearby.

Unique semi-truck accidents involving trailers include:

Runaway Trailers

If the trailer becomes detached from the cab of the truck while traveling, it can begin to travel down the road on its own, smashing into anything in its way. The problem worsens when it occurs on any incline as the trailer will pick up speed, making it even more dangerous. The runaway trailer will only stop once it has collided with something strong enough to stop its momentum.


This occurs when the driver loses control of the trailer or the connection between the cab and trailer is partially lost, causing the trailer to swing around until it is facing the opposite direction and is side by side with the cab. Any vehicles close to the trailer can be hit as it swings around and may be crushed between the trailer and cab as they fold together. Additionally, cars behind the truck may end up driving into the trailer as it stops.


Underriding is one of the most likely incidents to cause a fatal auto accident involving a big rig. During this crash, smaller vehicles ram into the back or side of the trailer and jam underneath the elevated bottom of the trailer. Because of the trailer’s height, its bottom often smashes through the top of the car, putting occupants at risk of serious head and neck trauma.

Tractor trailers are essential to everyday business and the economy; as such, there are more and more of them on the road today. Unfortunately, the crashes they are involved in often result in devastating injuries to everyone else involved. If you or a loved one has been injured in such a crash, contact the San Jose truck accident lawyers at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP for a consultation at (800) 900-0863.