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Motorcycles offer a sense of freedom, speed, and enjoyment that is not possible with other types of vehicles; however, the same factors that create these levels of enjoyment also put motorcyclists at a greater risk during a crash. While motorcycles are known for their fast speed, small size, and vulnerability during a crash, many motorcycle accidents are not caused by the rider at all.

Whether a biker has years of experience or is just starting to ride, it is important for all motorcyclists to know the dangers they face when traveling through Northern California and anywhere else they may find themselves.

The most common hazards for motorcyclists include:

Inattentive Drivers

Drivers are called on to check their blind spots, signal, and operate their vehicles in a safe manner with others in mind. Unfortunately, many do not and put others at risk, with motorcyclists at an even greater risk as they can be more easily overlooked. When a car crashes into a motorcycle, the rider is almost always the one to be the worse for the wear.

Hazardous Roads

Because of their small size and need for balance while driving, motorcycles are more affected by poor road conditions than cars and trucks. While potholes and broken pavement may be an inconvenience for many vehicles, motorcyclists can easily lose control if they run into such hazards, causing a crash or throwing the rider from his or her bike.

Defective Motorcycle Parts

Like car defects, motorcycle product defects can range from tires to engines and everything in between and can easily lead to a serious crash. These defects are often unnoticeable until they put the rider in immediate danger with little to no warning.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

Ice, hail, snow, wind, and even heat can put a motorcyclist in great danger as these weather conditions make even the safest roads much more dangerous and can have a direct toll on the body and health of the rider without an accident occurring. Riders should check weather conditions and prepare accordingly before going out.

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