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The Role of Negligent Cleaning Crews in San Mateo Dangerous Property Accidents

There are many types of San Mateo injury accidents that can occur on dangerous property, such as slips, trips, falls, and other accidents caused by slippery, broken, or otherwise unsafe property. Although there are many dangers that can lead to premises accidents, it is often the fault of negligent cleaning crews that can lead to these incidents.

Whether it is public or private property, many property owners employ cleaning and maintenance crews to keep the area in proper order. However, many workers often do not properly do their job. There is a wide variety of reasons why, including poor communication, incorrect cleaning and maintenance supplies, worker negligence, or a lack of care on the part of maintenance workers or property owners.

Should cleaning and maintenance improperly execute their jobs, new hazards can arise and existing hazards may steadily worsen. Wet floors, broken stairs, and uneven floors may go unfixed as well as unmarked, leaving visitors unaware of the dangers. Due to natural wear and tear, various hazards can steadily arise, which may require small repairs or large maintenance work. Either way, without an attentive and dedicated crew, these can easily lead to a serious accident with dangerous injuries.

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