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What are the Most Commonly Fatal Construction Accidents in Northern California?

The construction work industry offers a great number of jobs for workers in Northern California and across the United States every year, but the nature of the job means that workers face many dangers every day. Often, these hazards are serious enough to cause fatal injuries during an accident. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the construction industry saw 780 work fatalities in 2010, and while this number is down from 2009, it is still the highest number of fatal work injuries in any U.S. industry.

But what accidents account for so many wrongful death accidents in construction?

Fall accidents are a common fatal accident in construction due to the heights that many workers must be at during tasks such as roofing and the creation of various structures. Additionally, falling objects and debris are very deadly and can even kill workers who are wearing hardhats.

Harmful substance exposure also commonly leads to work accident fatalities due to the toxic substances and chemicals that are often used in different work. If the work sites are not properly ventilated, workers can quickly succumb to the fumes of chemicals, and toxic buildup over time can also cause fatalities. Electrocutions are also a common fatal hazard, with exposed wiring and other electrical work commonly resulting in workers receiving enough of a shock to stop their heart or suffer serious injuries that lead to a death.

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