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Sacramento Car Accidents Can Be A Source Of Post-traumatic Stress

Sacramento Car Accidents Can Be A Source Of Post-traumatic Stress

The moment of impact in a car accident is a terrifying and dangerous one. Many car accidents in California each year cause only minor property damage, but many others cause injuries or even death. Even a minor accident can also cause emotional upheaval, and serious psychological problems like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can occur.

It’s normal to feel upset and unsettled after an accident. Shock, anger, fear, and guilt are all normal responses to a car crash or any other accident. For some people, these feelings fade after a few days or weeks, and the person returns to normal life.

For others, and especially those in serious accidents, the negative feelings a car accident produces don’t always resolve themselves. Instead, they begin to interfere with the person’s daily functioning. Symptoms of a more serious mental trauma after an injury include trouble sleeping, irritability or anger, bad memories of the crash you can’t control, or sudden fear of things like riding in vehicles or medical tests. Often, these feelings and thoughts impair the person’s ability to do their regular work or enjoy their usual hobbies.

PTSD symptoms do not mean you are weak or silly. They are symptoms of an injury every bit as serious as a broken leg or a concussion. If you’ve been in a serious crash, please don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Sacramento car collision lawyer at Caputo & Van Der Walde to learn more about your legal rights. Our number is (800) 900-0863, and your initial telephone consultation is free and confidential. Please also visit our Testimonials page to see how we have provided excellent legal representation to others.