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Consequences Of A San Jose Spinal Cord Injury

Consequences Of A San Jose Spinal Cord Injury

According to American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) statistics, around 11,000 Americans are hospitalized for spinal cord injuries (SCI) annually. These injuries are usually caused by external trauma to the spine that fractures, dislocates, or otherwise damages the vertebrae, causing damage to the spinal cord tissue. As a result, the spinal cord is unable to relay messages from the brain to the body’s systems, and vice versa, below the level of injury. This can adversely affect a person’s motor, sensory, and autonomic functions either temporarily, or, depending on the severity of the injury, permanently. SCI is life-altering injury, both for the victim and their family.

Spinal cord injuries are categorized as complete or incomplete. If the spinal cord injury is incomplete, the victim would still retain some functioning below the level of injury. Conversely, if a spinal cord injury victim suffers a complete SCI, they would have lost all functioning below the level of injury. Both incomplete and complete forms of SCI would potentially require years of medical treatment and/or rehabilitation. The main causes of incomplete and complete SCI include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents;
  • Falls;
  • Sports and recreational activities; and
  • Assault.

Treatment of San Jose spinal cord injuries has improved in recent years. Improved emergency care, aggressive treatment, and rehabilitation help keep the damage to the nervous system at a minimum and even restore some functions. There is a lower mortality rate among spinal cord injury victims than there were a few years ago, and SCI victims are also provided with emotional and/or psychological support during their recovery. There is more hope of recovery for SCI victims than there has been in the past, but this hope can be very expensive.

Suffering a spinal cord injury in Santa Clara County, even a mild one, can create an undue financial burden for the victim and their family. Because SCI usually requires long-term treatment, medical costs, such as doctor visits, rehabilitative services, surgeries, prescription medication, and home care can quickly grow beyond a victim’s means, even with insurance coverage.

If you or a loved one has sustained a spinal cord injury as the result of the negligence or recklessness of another, the skilled San Jose spinal cord injury lawyers at Caputo & Van Der Walde can help you hold at-fault parties accountable for their actions. Call us today to find out how we can help you get the compensation you and deserve at (800) 900-0863.