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Causes Of Big Rig Accidents In San Jose

Causes Of Big Rig Accidents In San Jose

Tractor-trailers have been under scrutiny in recent months as the U.S. Congress plans to vote on two opposing bills concerning truck size and weight limits later this year. The bills in question are the Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act, or SHIPA, and the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act, or SETA. One of the major concerns for those opposing SETA is the threat of more deadly truck accidents.

Semi trucks, big rigs, and tractor-trailers are very long and very heavy, thus very intimidating to and dangerous for other motorists on Northern California roads. A truck accident in San Jose can cause serious injury, or even death to the occupants of smaller vehicles. Some of these accidents are caused by truck manufacturing or design defects, but many are caused by poor maintenance and truck operator error or negligence.

A truck manufacturing company has a duty to produce safe and efficient vehicles, especially when it is intended to haul tens of thousands of pounds of cargo on 18 wheels. If the brake system is faulty, a specific part malfunctions, or the trailer lights or reflectors do not work properly, it increases the risk of a serious truck crash.

Oftentimes, truck driver error and/or negligence are the cause of tractor-trailer crashes in San Jose. Fatigued driving is likely the most common form of driver negligence. Although there are strict federal regulations that govern the number of hours truck drivers are allowed to drive without sleep, many drivers are pressured to violate them in order to make their deliveries on time. Though it may get them to their destination faster, driving while fatigued threatens the safety of other drivers and passengers on the road, as the driver would have slower reaction times and could even fall asleep at the wheel.

Semi truck accidents may also be caused by improperly loading or overloading the trailer, not maintaining the trucks systems and tires, speeding, inexperienced driving, or distracted driving. Not following traffic laws and/or federal truck regulations makes a truck ever more dangerous to motorists on the road.

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