Elderly Man Attacked By Loose Dogs In South San Jose

Elderly Man Attacked By Loose Dogs In South San Jose

According to The Contra Costa Times, a 78-year-old man was attacked by loose dogs in the Blossom Hill neighborhood of San Jose on December 29. The man said he did not hear the dogs approaching before the attack, and credits his survival to a neighbor who witnessed the attack and chased the dogs away. In the San Jose dog bite attack, the man says the dogs knocked him to the ground and he sustained severe bite wounds to his left ear, which required 10 stitches at a local hospital’s emergency room. He also suffered less serious bites to his right arm and head. San Jose animal control officials have taken one of the two dogs into custody and have begun a “dangerous dog attack” investigation into the incident based on the man’s injuries.

The dogs, a Labrador and a boxer, were a neighbor’s dogs from a house on the same street the man resides. Another resident of the neighborhood says the same two dogs attacked his German shepherd a few days before the man was attacked. That dog bite attack resulted in a $600 medical bill, and residents are worried the dogs could attack children next. If the man’s attack remains categorized as dangerous, rather than vicious, the dogs will likely be allowed to live, provided the owner purchases liability insurance and takes extra precautions to secure them. A public hearing will be scheduled to decide what should happen with the dogs and their owner.

This dog bite attack was the second in San Jose within the month of December. On December 20, a 41-year-old woman was mauled by two pit bulls in what has been called a “vicious attack” in San Jose. She suffered serious dog bite wounds to her hip and arm. The dogs involved in that attack may be euthanized, and the owner is facing stiff fines.

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