Re-announcement Of Delta Drop-side Crib Recall Due To Second Infant Death

Re-announcement Of Delta Drop-side Crib Recall Due To Second Infant Death

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Delta Enterprise Corporation have issued a second recall notice, first announced in 2008, of close to one million drop-side cribs with “Crib Trigger Lock and Safety Peg” hardware. This repeated recall is a result of new information received by the CPSC and Delta Enterprise in January of 2011, in which they learned of a 2009 infant death in Colorado Springs, CO, where a 7-month-old girl became entrapped and suffocated between the mattress and detached drop-side of her recalled crib, which was secondhand and missing safety pegs in the bottom tracks.

This second announcement concerns cribs made in Taiwan and Indonesia, which were sold at various retail stores, such as Kmart, Target, and Walmart, between January of 1995 and December of 2005; Model 4624 was sold through September of 2007. The CPSC website has the full list of recalled crib models as well as Delta contact information at According to the CPSC, missing safety pegs can cause the crib’s drop-side rail to disengage from the track, thus creating a dangerous space where an infant can become entrapped and suffocate; the original recall of 2008 was issued because an 8-month-old girl was killed in that manner. Her re-assembled crib was also missing the safety pegs.

Parents and caregivers are urged to immediately stop using cribs that are missing any safety pegs on any leg of the drop side, and contact Delta. As a general rule, no crib with loose or broken parts should be used as it threatens the safety of your infant. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide safe products, especially children’s products. If the product is defective and harms your infant, the manufacturer can be held liable for the injuries or wrongful death of your infant.

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