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Toy Risks To Avoid This Holiday Season

Toy Risks To Avoid This Holiday Season

Children love getting toys for the holidays, and many adults enjoy watching the excitement on a child’s face when he or she opens those gifts. Some toys can injure children, but as every San Jose product liability lawyer knows, adults can help reduce the risk of injury by keeping safety in mind when they buy gifts for their favorite young people.

Here are some tips for choosing safe toys this holiday season, courtesy of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):

  • All toys are not safe for all children. Toys aimed at older children should be kept out of the reach of younger ones, as they may contain small parts, electric parts, sharp points or edges, or other hazards. Teach older children to keep these toys where younger siblings cannot reach them.
  • Small parts are not for small children. Infant and toddler toys should be large enough so they do not fit inside the child’s mouth. Very young children explore their worlds by putting items in their mouths, and toys small enough to fit inside may be swallowed or become lodged in the windpipe, causing choking.
  • Avoid sharp objects, corners, and points. Toys with sharp or protruding portions can cause injuries, as can broken toys with exposed sharp edges or points. Get broken toys fixed or replaced promptly, and choose toys without sharp edges or protrusions for smaller kids.

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