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Stay Safe During Winter Bicycling In Northern California

Stay Safe During Winter Bicycling In Northern California

For many, bicycling is a passion that does not stop when the weather turns bad. However, winter in Northern California is a time when bicyclists face challenges that they would not normally encounter during the rest of the year. In order to stay safe and avoid dangerous accidents, bicyclists should follow these tips from during the cold weather months:

  • Adjust riding for icy conditions – If the area where you are biking has encountered freezing temperatures, chances are that the road now has ice on it. When riding on icy or potentially slippery surfaces avoid braking hard and pedal smoothly with a relaxed body. These actions will keep you from sliding and stop any small slips from turning into big ones.
  • Wear appropriate clothing – Winter cyclists should dress for the weather around them, with enough clothing to keep them warm but not make them sweat. Wool and synthetic are good for a bottom layer, light clothing is good for multiple layers, and something water and wind resistant makes for a good top layer.
  • Use and maintain proper bicycle equipment – Tires must have the appropriate tread to deal with slick and snowy surfaces. Thick tread works well with gripping the ground and studded tires use metal spikes to dig into the ground. Lube should also be used on the drivetrain, cables, crank, brakes, and chain. However, brake pads and rims must not be lubed and need to be kept dry in order to work properly.

Following these tips will help prevent many winter bicycle accidents caused by dangerous road conditions; however, they cannot stop the actions of a reckless driver that may result in an accident. If you have been injured while bicycling due to another’s negligence, the San Jose bicycle accident lawyers at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP can help you win your just and full compensation for your losses. Contact us at (800) 900-0863 for a complimentary consultation on your personal injury case.