Holiday DUI Checkpoint Arrests Down From 2010

Holiday DUI Checkpoint Arrests Down From 2010

Police in Northern California and across the country have been focused on detecting and arresting drunk drivers during the holiday season this year, and so far police have arrested 243 throughout Santa Clara County, according to The Gilroy Dispatch. The drunk driving crackdown has been in effect throughout the second half of December and will continue through New Year’s Day.

Records for holiday DUI arrests have shown that, so far, police have arrested dozens less than they did last year, even though patrols have increased when compared to 2010. While DUI patrols have been increased since December 16, the greatest increases are on the days surrounding Christmas and New Years. Police fear that since both holidays occur on weekends this year, DUI incidents may see a dramatic increase compared to the rest of the month.

Holiday drunk driving crackdowns have become commonplace over the last several years and are not limited to end of the year celebrations. This year alone, Santa Clara Police arrested 141 during Fourth of July weekend, 133 in the days surrounding Memorial Day, and 439 during the half-month end of summer DUI campaign.

Although DUI checkpoints and patrols help to prevent many drunk driving-related accidents from occurring every year, they cannot stop them all. Those who choose to drink and drive put others at risk because of their negligent and reckless behavior, with many auto accidents caused by drunk driving resulting in severe injuries and even death.

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