San Francisco Bay Boater Loses Life In Boating Accident

San Francisco Bay Boater Loses Life In Boating Accident

San Francisco Bay is a beautiful place, especially during the summer, but, in our experience as personal injury attorneys in San Francisco, it can also be dangerous. A 19-foot long dinghy and a 41-foot cabin cruiser collided on San Francisco Bay recently, taking the life of one man, according to a recent news report from KTVU. Days later, one of the boats was still floating upside-down in the Bay while investigators continued to search for the cause of the accident.

The dinghy, a small fishing boat, was anchored out in the Bay on a bright, sunny weekday while its owners, a Vietnamese fisherman and his son, fished. The pair was still at anchor and still had their lines in the water when a 41-foot cabin cruiser, with four people aboard, crashed into the small fishing boat, sending both the fishermen into the water. The older man survived the accident, but his son drowned after becoming trapped underneath the boat. Rescue workers were unable to free him in time to save his life.

The fishing boat is still in the Bay, but the cabin cruiser has been dry-docked while investigators try to determine why its owner, a Santa Cruz resident, did not slow down or turn to avoid colliding with the fishing boat. So far, they say that neither alcohol nor drugs appears to have played a role in the accident.

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