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Avoiding the Dangers of Defective Products

Avoiding the Dangers of Defective Products

How often do we go into a store and purchase an item that is going to harm us? Under most circumstances, the answer should be an unequivocal never. However, dangerous products still harm thousands of people each year in the state of California, and residents of San Jose are no exception to these injuries. One way to help you and your loved ones stay safe is to sign to receive email notifications from the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Food and Drug Administration also provides email updates about important product information.

What is Product Liability?
Manufacturers have an obligation to consumers to produce items that are safe to use, free of defect, and do not pose unreasonable risks. However, defects can still arise despite careful planning, particularly when quality control measures are disregarded. A product can be dangerous for a few different reasons: an inherently flawed design; a safe design that is inadvertently altered during the manufacturing process; or packaging that fails to properly warn of a known danger. These are all ways in which a manufacturer can be held liable for damages resulting from injuries from a defective product.

Types of Potentially Harmful Products
Many people associate dangerous products with auto product liability, especially in the wake of the numerous vehicle recalls this year. However, any product used by consumers can be defective in some way, thus posing a danger to all those who use the product. Children’s toys, everyday household products, such as major appliances and electronics, and even medical devices can pose a significant risk to consumers if the product is determined to be defective.

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