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Mariposa County Motorcycle Accident Kills Three, Injures Four More

Mariposa County Motorcycle Accident Kills Three, Injures Four More

A recent Mariposa County motorcycle accident resulted in the loss of three lives and injured four others, according to a news story. Reportedly, the head-on collision involved a Ford Bronco, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and a Ford Escape. The driver of the Ford Bronco allegedly crossed over a double-yellow line while maneuvering a curve in the road, and consequently struck the motorcycle and then the Ford Escape. The two Chowchilla residents riding the motorcycle, 39 and 43, were killed, as was the 55-year-old driver of the Ford Escape. All four people in the Ford Bronco, including the 18-year-old driver, sustained injuries, which ranged in severity from moderate to major.

The California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the crash, which at this point does not appear to have been the result of the 18-year-old driver being under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. Regardless of the severity of a crash, all details are thoroughly investigated in order to determine as accurately as possible exactly what happened. Further details of this incident will undoubtedly be revealed in the near future.

Motorcycle crashes are especially dangerous, particularly given the fact that motorcyclists and their passengers cannot rely on being protected by the steel reinforced sides that an automobile has to offer. Every year, far too many motorcycles are injured or lose their lives in California as the result of motorist negligence of some kind.

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