California Property Owners Have an Obligation to Keep You Safe

California Property Owners Have an Obligation to Keep You Safe

When individuals are on another person’s property, the property owner has a responsibility to do everything he or she can to prevent personal injury from befalling those individuals. However, each and every year, premises liability injury cases affect a large number of Northern California residents. Fortunately, if an individual is injured, he or she does have the option to seek compensatory damages from a property or building owner if the owner’s negligence in some way contributed to the injury.

There are a variety of different instances in which an individual can become injured under premises liability law. Santa Cruz slip and fall accidents are the most common form of accident relating to premises liability. These accidents can occur when flooring, including stairs and uneven sidewalks, contribute towards a person sustaining injury, either because the surface is slippery, in disrepair, or poses a hazard in some other way.

Another form of premises liability involves poorly lit and obstructed pathways, which can prevent an individual from safely traveling from one location to another. In the event of an emergency, all individuals on the premises must be able to safely flee from the location.

Property owners can even be held liable in the event that a visitor to their property is assaulted, and adequate lighting and security were not in place to deter such an attack from taking place. In the state of California, property owners are responsible for the well being of all people who enter onto their property.

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