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Big Rig Accident on Santa Clara-Santa Cruz Border Sparks Congestion, Other Accidents

Big Rig Accident on Santa Clara-Santa Cruz Border Sparks Congestion, Other Accidents

The destruction often left behind after a big rig accident can be immense, and the aftermath can affect a larger number of individuals than those actually involved in the incident. According to San Jose’s Mercury News, a big rig accident that took place near the Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County border blocked northbound traffic on Highway 17, forcing many motorists to find alternate routes of travel. Unfortunately, a second accident on Highway 9, the primary alternate route, further impeded traffic. As a result, motorists had to search yet again for alternate routes, with a number of smaller accidents taking place throughout those routes soon after the primary crash.

The driver of the truck involved in the initial crash was reportedly uninjured, while the driver of the truck involved in the Highway 9 crash was injured. No further details about the extent of the driver’s injuries or whether other motorists were involved were made available in the report.

As exemplified by this crash, the actions of one can have a great impact on many individuals. In the event that a motorist is involved in a big rig crash, it is of the utmost importance that the motorist first seek medical attention to ensure their well being, and then retain the services of an experienced Santa Clara truck accident attorney who will ensure their rights as accident victims are not infringed upon in a court of law.

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